Arts and Crafts in Today’s Culture: The Cosplay Scene

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The Fuller Museum will be featuring an exhibition of one of the world’s latest phenomena in crafts and arts. Traditionally, people assign art to the archaic images of the past – water colors and byzantine mosaics that were prevalent in the past few centuries. These days, the young adults have adopted a more technological oriented appreciate of the arts. The Fuller Museum will be showcasing an exhibit that displays the cosplay costume crafts of various young adults in the Pennsylvania area. We will be cooperating with universities like Penn and Drexel to show what modern-day artists have to offer.

An introduction to Cosplay: due to the increasing prevalence and popularity of video games today’s youth have embraced age old appreciation of the arts by incorporating flavor of the month characters and games into their lives by dressing up as their favorite characters of these games. To express their interests, these artists spend hours crafting the coolest Runescape character costumes and World of Warcraft weapons to share with their fellow gamers. The proliferation of gaming conventions like Comic-Con have created an increased popularity in events known as “cosplay contests.” Here these events have seen huge amounts of investments of time and money by the artists in creating their costumes. As a matter of fact, some of the cosplayers have even amassed huge followings on social media! It appears that the youth’s love for video games has created a new way to appreciate the arts. While a lot of parents have expressed their ill feelings toward video games due to the amount of time it consumes of its participants, the Fuller Museum believes that the public should embrace this emerging culture because it has shown that the movement has caused a newfound interest in arts and crafts. While we do believe moderation is key, the interest in video games has become extremely fervent! There are people who actually place value in virtual items. We did some quick research and found several websites where gamers could buy old school Runescape gold. It’s unbelievable how much some of these players pay for virtual items and creating their real life costumes. This website even has osrs money making guides to help players progress in the virtual world! The fact that these gamers place real value in the virtual gold and weapons results in the older generation needing to have an avenue to understand why.

Given this extreme interest in the virtual aspect of the youth’s lives, we felt the exhibition would allow the older generation to learn more about what drives the youth’s interest. By displaying various costumes and weapons, we will be able to empathize with what we do not understand. Stop by the museum in the coming months to see the video game exhibit featuring Andres Nagy, a leading cosplayer. A med student attending U Penn he showcases his unique taste in real life renderings of his video game aliases.

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