A history of the Fuller Craft Museum

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The Fuller Craft Museum is tucked away in the upper corner of Brockton, MA. We strive to provide an environment where local and nationally recognized artists can exhibit and develop their expertise in contemporary craft. With a professional and veteran team of administrators, the Fuller Museum is able to provide a variety of amazing exhibitions, workshops, and public outreach programs. By inspiring the next generations and instilling a sense of community among craft artists we will produce generational appreciation towards arts and crafts.


The Fuller Museum fights for its relevance in contemporary art. Established in 1969, the museum has provided an exquisite experience for the thousands of visitors that we receive each year. By making sure we follow the original vision of our founder Myron Fuller, we will be able to continue to provide an artistic experience for the years to come. One thing that we want to inform our readers is that nowadays we have seen an increasing prevalence of crafts in pop culture. The increasing popularity of events like Comicon and other conventions have seen a rise in amateur and professional crafts. We will be analyzing the craft scene a new, unexplored niche. By fusing our classical knowledge with the nascent trends of arts and craft we will be able to secure a future for the appreciate of this art. Please follow us on our various social media platforms and if you have any feedback about the site please reach out to the administrator at curator@fullermuseum.org


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